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7 point approach to helping our clients survive the family law journey

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7 point approach to helping our clients survive the family law journey:

Our family Law client base has expanded substantially in recent years.

At the outset of any instruction we explain to our clients to the 7 part approach which we adopt in family law cases:-

  1. We try to take detailed instructions at the outset so as to form an early view on the various issues involved.
  2. We will review all available options with our client and advise on the option which we believe best suits their circumstances.
  3. We have a policy of copying our clients with all relevant correspondence and of sending you details of meetings with them so that we are clear on our understanding of their instructions at all times.
  4. Family law is an emotive and stressful situation.  It is our view that correspondence in family law cases should be factual, relevant and non-emotive with proposals, if at all possible, as to how a particular issue can be resolved. It is important to bear in mind that any letters sent on our client’s behalf during the conduct of a case may be read by a judge at a later stage. If letters are sent using inflammatory language and containing unsubstantiated allegations this may not reflect well on our client.
  5. Our aim is to put our clients in a position of control of the file/case as much as possible and to take proactive steps to progress their file.
  6. We will exercise diligence and care in reviewing all of the financial information provided on behalf of the other spouse.
  7. At all times, we will act in the best interests of our client and, in particular, the interests of the children of the relationship , in order to achieve an outcome that is as positive for our client as is possible in all the circumstances of their case.


If you want to find out more about our approach to family law cases please do not hesitate to contact Brendan Dillon on 2960666