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Protect Your Business

By August 20, 2019June 26th, 2024No Comments
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Protect Your Business

Terms and Conditions of any business will contain a number of standard clauses. Below we have set out some of the more important clauses which businesses should ensure are contained in their terms and conditions:

1. Title: It is extremely important to include a retention of title clause. This should state that title to the goods only passes to the customer when payment is made for them in full.

2. Risk: It should be clear from the conditions that risk to the goods shall pass to the customer upon delivery. Depending on the nature of the business you may want to make this clause more specific to state that unloading at the point of delivery is the sole responsibility of the customer.

3. Complaints: The terms should provide a time limit within complaints must be received from the date of receipt of the goods and it should state that any complaint must be in writing.

4. Price: It should be clear that the price will be the supplier’s relevant trade price at the date of order, which is quoted by the supplier in writing and accepted by the customer, and the clause should also deal with VAT.

5. Payment Terms: This should set out clearly the arrangement between parties and deal with the interest payable for late payment.

If you worry that your terms and conditions do not protect you please contact us on 2960666 or by email at and we will be able to advise.