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Rights of People suffering from Dementia

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Rights of People suffering from Dementia


With the increasing rates of Dementia being diagnosed, it is important for people to be aware of issues that can arise and that should be considered:


  1. Dementia is a form of disability and as such people with dementia are protected by the 1998-2015 Employment Equality Acts.
  2. A person cannot be dismissed from their work just on the basis of a diagnosis of dementia. Their Employer is obliged to try and take appropriate measures to accommodate the person at work provided that it does not create a disproportionate burden on the employer. This could include offering flexible working hours or assigning the person different work.
  3. The Equal Status Act also bans discrimination or harassment and promotes the reasonable accommodation of people with disabilities.
  4. Where someone is diagnosed with Dementia any life policies /Assurance policies or mortgage protection policies should be reviewed as some may pay out early on a diagnosis of dementia. Other policies which have illness cover or critical illness cover may also pay out on the basis of a diagnosis.   For people who are still in employment there may be some form of income protection cover available depending on the terms of their policy.
  5. A diagnosis of dementia does not automatically exclude a person from driving but they should inform their insurance company of their diagnosis to exclude any risk of having no cover in the event of an accident. Alternatively, it may be prudent to have a formal driving assessment by a suitably qualified driver before making a decision on the individual’s fitness to drive.


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