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The Cost of Workplace Bullying – Personal and Economic

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The Cost of Workplace Bullying – Personal and Economic

A recent study by NUI Galway has highlighted the significant economic cost of workplace bullying and work related stress;

  • 7 million days million days lost per year equating to,
  • €239 million

A link to the study can be viewed here:

It is clear that not only are the impacts of bullying and work relates stress affecting people’s health and well-being but it also has a substantial economic cost. The value of lost productivity is serious and every employer should review their policies to ensure they have a robust process in place to not only address these issues but also to prevent them. These policies should ensure staff know that workplace bullying is entirely unacceptable.

These economic statistics should not deflect from the person who may suffer personally from any workplace bullying or work related stress which may require medical intervention and certified work absence. Unfortunately, this seems to be an ever increasing issue.

Employers have a significant duty of care to employees and failure to be proactive in addressing these obviously real issues could prove very costly. A regular review of policies should be implemented and advice sought as required. The Workplace Relations Commission have set out a helpful Code of Practice (see link) as have the Health & Safety Authority:

An employee who is a victim of workplace bullying where the employer fails to act promptly, fairly or at all may elect to pursue a claim(s) in the Workplace Relations Commission and/or a Personal Injuries Action.

If you have any queries on this topic or any employment law matter, please contact Niall MacCarthy or Brendan Dillon by email or by phone (01) 2960666.