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Use of Mediation to resolve Big Money Family Law Cases

By May 11, 2023June 26th, 2024No Comments

Use of Mediation to resolve Big Money Family Law Cases

A recent Article in the Sunday Business Post highlighted the increasing use of mediation as a means of settling high value Family Law Litigation.

The Article highlighted the substantial cost of High Court litigation and indeed even the cost of Circuit Court litigation can, in complicated cases, be very expensive for the parties involved.

Mediation, apart from saving the parties considerable money in legal costs, provides an opportunity for the parties to essentially write their own Divorce decree.   By law, settlements have to be ultimately ruled and approved by the Court. It is rare that a well crafted settlement agreement would not be approved by the Presiding Judge.

In addition to the savings in costs and the opportunity to write their own Divorce decree, mediation saves considerable time in getting to a conclusion and will generally significantly reduce the extent of a conflict between the parties.      This in turn is likely to minimise the impact of the separation on the children of the marriage.

Our Managing Partner Brendan Dillon is a qualified mediator and has mediated a number of high value cases.    We have also assisted a number of clients through the mediation process and have been available to them to advise them in relation to the mediation process.

Brendan and Erika Coughlan are also accredited Collaborative Practitioners which is another very effective way of resolving family law disputes in a manner which minimises conflict, puts the children at the centre of the process and saves considerably on costs and delay.

For any further advice in relation to any Family Law matter but in particular in relation to mediation or collaborative law, please do not hesitate to contact Brendan Dillon on 01 2960666.